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Homemade iPad integration

January 20, 2011 Leave a comment

I was a little bummed when I first learned that the iPad wouldn’t natively mirror to a tv. So after a short period just dealing with it, I decided to go seeking for solutions on the webs. This evening, after a bit of research and a call to trusty @mattstech, I went all rogue and jail-broke my iPad.

Next up, me and Rick found the “displayout” app from cydia and not too much longer after that, I was gaming away on the 112 inch NanoLumens display.

While this was obviously lots of fun. I did it for a reason. I am extremely interested in how the digital signage industry can improve advertising impressions for brands through remote integration and by bringing exciting experiences to out-of-home displays. Gone are the days of dumb billboards as we’ve seen a new breed come into town like the ads of American Eagle & Forever 21 in Times Square.

The rapid improvement of technology has enabled this industry the ability to build exciting systems that just last year were unheard of…So i’m interested in how we can use these technologies to give something to brands that is not available by itself on the web, the TV, or on mobile phones. But something that folks will immerse with while they are out of home and in public. This silly example is by no means an end product but it got my creative thoughts flowing with ideas to bring tech to life in new ways. I’m hoping that it evolves into something effective for us in the digital out-of-home space. Please watch the video below and let me know if you’d ever like to come by the office and play games on the 112″! …and yes, I realize I left one evil green pig standing, they can be pesky little boogers!


Life is a TV, and I carry the remote in my pocket

January 3, 2011 1 comment

One of the trends I’ve noticed over the past couple of years is how our phones are becoming remote controls for our lives. No longer is it just about what we can do on our phone, but now it’s also about what outside applications we can control with our phones.

Over the last year, I’ve noticed the following functions that can be controlled with my phone:

  • DVR
  • iTunes
  • Presentations
  • Internet Tv
  • Security Systems
  • Home Automation
  • Digital Billboards

In the digital out-of-home advertising industry, pioneers such as LocaModa are coming up with ways that you can interact with digital billboards through games and social applications. This enables the advertiser the ability to count impressions/interactions and achieve productive conversations with the ad viewers. Mobile interactivity is one of the biggest growth areas for the digital signage industry.

As for other consumer products, here are two recent examples that I encountered over the holiday break:

ARDrone– this is a totally fun and cool remote control game that me and my brother in law got as a gift. Its a quadracopter with a built-in camera, all of which is all controlled with the video displayed on your iPhone or iPad’s screen. No more remote control hardware…just the flyer and your device!

Wakemate– This is a solution which allows your phone to monitor your sleep activity and trigger the alarm to go off at your ideal wake up time. It includes an actigraphy bracelet that senses your sleep stage and communicates it to your phone via bluetooth.

What we are seeing now is that there is a universal remote for hardware & software manufacturers to integrate with. It means that these companies no longer have to spend their resources manufacturing the controller and can apply them to delivering us better price and functionality. The hardware industry is migrating to a smaller number of larger players who create universal platforms. Tablets open up a another huge opportunity that could cover a post of its own. Until then, what cool applications have you seen for phone remote control?

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Mobile integration with DOOH

May 26, 2010 2 comments

After running LocaModa and Wiffiti at the ATDC Startup Showcase yesterday, I have been doing a lot of brainstorming on how marketers can connect advertising displays to the mobile phone. I look at the out-of-home displays as next in line after our TV’s, computer monitors, and our phones. It’s becomming industry concensus in digital signage that we learn to integrate these displays to better engage users and give brands the most effective advertising opportunities. I’ve been working with a local Atlanta entrepreneur on a product that will allow users to access a WAP site on their handheld which will enable them to play very interactive and fun touchscreen games on indoor or outdoor ad-branded billboards using their phones as the controller. It’s been done before but we have a very cool twist on the game/function. Stay tuned for updates on our progress! If you didn’t make the ATDC showcase yesterday, here is an iPhone picture of it below.

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